Report A Problem - Fields

Report A Problem - Fields

Use this form to report a problem with one of our fields, or the equipment located at these locations. RMMSA along with the City of Maple Ridge, and the City of Pitt Meadows are responsible for maintaining the fields we use. Our Field Manager will determine if we are responsible for resolving the problem, or if we need to contact the city.

If you see a problem, or encounter any issues with the fields or equipment please report it!

Please Indicate Whether The Issue Is With Our Equipment Or The Field / Ball Diamond

Equipment problems would typically be things like;
- Damaged or missing rakes, field liners, etc.
- Shortages of lining material (lime)
- Missing or broken bases

Field problems are usually things like;
- Missing base plugs or damaged post holes
- Home plate is damaged or is lifting
- Issues with base tags, or base distances

Submit Your Problem

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