Web Master’s Report

September 10, 2021

In my last year end report, I had just completed the launch of our new web site. I have continued to refine and develop out the site. The contact form on the main page is getting good use as a point of contact for our members and the public. The web site proved to be a good platform for getting our COV-19 protocol out to members.

I am still looking for content on the site. If we push people to our website every time they need something, we can incrementally build a tool that provides consistency and transparency. As an example, we received a lot of questions this year, on the web site, regarding rep try-outs. I plan to take those questions and create a FAQ sheet for next year so people can just visit the site and get their questions answered. This would provide consistent answers and save a ton of time. The web site can also be used for umpires and coaches information etc. Again, I will manage the content and post it to the web site but I need content.


We now have all our members and teams implemented in TeamSnap. We were able to register all players, coaches and volunteers for the 2020/2021 Season. We also developed and successfully implemented a re-fund system to apply fees from the previous season to last season’s player payments.

The RMMSA organization took control of all the Team accounts this year. This was done to provide consistency across the teams as well as ensuring that all players are rostered correctly. For the first time, Softball BC has done away with Softball BC Player Numbers and they had us upload our roster files to their newly implemented RAMP Registration system. This was a rather monumental task, but eventually, we were able to successfully upload and register all our players and coaches. The good news is that we now have a process in place and this year should be much easier, I hope.

Last year I recommended we implement the following:

  • Calendars for showing schedules
  • Team level program for schedules and communication
  • COVID-19 Health Checks (New)
  • Email Messaging (We need to get our members in the system so we can make use of this.)

These features and more, are all now up and running.

Registration and payments were also implemented for Clinics. This went very smoothly and we can use last year as a template for this year and going forward.

The invoicing system is also running and was used to invoice for some warehouse rentals. Please note that this can be used in future to invoice players and even provide credits for future purchases.

Another nice feature we were able to take advantage of is, online waivers. We no longer need to have coaches chasing players for signed waivers. The waivers are now electronically, signed in TeamSnap during on-line registration.

Now that Softball BC has changed the age group for divisions, we will have to update our divisions and teams in TeamSnap to match. This will be done in the next few weeks as we setup 2021/2022 registration. Since our REP teams are forming now, it will be important to complete registration as soon as possible, to provide access to TeamSnap for our rep coaches and managers.

The Future

This year, I would recommend we make use of the digital Scheduling system in TeamSnap. There are some great features for managing calendars for scheduling team practices and games. Once done, schedules can then be published to the web site for all to see.

I would like to continue refining and growing our web site. Information is golden and this is an excellent tool to get our message out. Again, I need more content for the web site. Please help me to centralize our organizations information so we can all share and learn together.

I am very proud to be a part of the RMMSA organization. I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in our children’s lives and well being. I encourage others to come out and take part. The rewards are priceless.

Mark Sherling

RMMSA Webmaster