Bill Kazulin - Director of Umpires


November 1, 2020

A Note To Umpires:

After many years of umpiring with Ridge Meadows, this has perhaps been
the most trying season I have ever seen. The cancellation of games in mid-March this year caused many lost games, which will never be recovered.

We had 12 new umpires sign up this year but due to COVID-19 only a few got to umpire games. The forecast for 2021 should be better with many precautions in place. What this would look like is to early to tell.

I hope all of you will return to umpire in 2021. When there is more information I will contact all of you again. For now, not much is going on.

I would like to wish all of you a healthy finish to the 2020 year. Stay safe in whatever you do.

Many thanks,


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    Rule Updates and Changes


    WBSC Rules for Pitching and Strike Zone (November 2017)

    One year trial of WBSC Rules for Pitching and Strike Zone, effective January 1, 2018.  Click here to access


    Modified U10 Rules (revised March 2017)

    Modified U10 Rules For District 14 have been posted.  Click Here to access


    Home Plate Rule (revised May 15, 2015)

    2015 – Umpire’s Interpretation regarding contact between players – RM Policy

    The “slide and avoid” wording and policy was introduced by RM to use at our Parks to alleviate possible collisions and possible injuries.

    Please remember; this is a policy for RM only.  We have discussed our policy with our Interlock Associations, but, it is not a “Rule” on Record at this point in time (May 13th, 2015).  IF, you are playing at another Association’s Home Park you are to respect their Umpires and their Home Park Rules.


    Effective immediately, the “slide and avoid” wording should be replaced with the following Softball Canada Book wording with is the ACTUAL rule.

    Rule 8-9 RUNNER IS OUT (q)

    Section 9 (Page 199) Softball Canada Book.

    The Rule reads:

    When a defensive player has the ball (IE a catcher) and is waiting for the runner who is running towards Home Plate and the runner remains on her feet and crashes into the defensive player (IE a catcher), you should call the runner out for interference even if the catcher drops the ball.

    Please note; I used the example of a catcher with the ball and changed some of the wording to describe a catcher’s situation or any other player covering the plate.

    Note:  This play could also happen when runners advance on the bases.

    Note:  If you feel, as the Umpire, that this was intentional you could also eject the runner and call her out.



    1. Please be cautious when ejecting a player.
    2. In “C” ball lots of younger players don’t like to slide or have not been taught to slide so in some of these situations you can give them the benefit of the doubt, but, call them out if there is a crash. REP players are taught to slide, but, each situation is different and will be a judgment call.
    3. The defensive player should have a great chance of making the out on the runner. In this case the catcher should be on the 3rd base side of home plate.
    4. The ball must be in the hands of the defensive player to get the “out”.
    5. Do not forget one important thing; even if the catcher does NOT have the ball, the runner cannot crash the catcher. You can still have an ejection if you feel, as the Umpire, that it was a deliberate crash by the runner.



    If there is contact with the runner and the catcher (or another defensive player) near the plate does not have the ball, then it is OBSTRUCTION on the defensive player and the runner is safe.


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