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Softball BC Return to Play Guidelines Updated for 2021

By rmmsa | February 25, 2021

Here’s the new, “Softball BC Return to Play Guidelines Updated for 2021” by Softball BC, on February 25, 2021. Back to Bases The original message from Softball BC: From: Rick Benson <> Date: Thu, Feb 25, 2021 at 12:37 PM Subject: Softball BC Return to Play Guidelines updated for 2021 Good morning everyone, please find…

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Softball BC – COVID-19 Update PHO New Orders

By rmmsa | February 5, 2021

From: Rick Benson [] Sent: February 5, 2021 3:16 PM Subject: Provincial Health Office Orders Today the provincial government announced the province would keep the current health orders and restrictions in place for the time being. No date was set for the extension, and so we will continue under the current protocols until advised otherwise…

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Nominate a Coach of the Year

By rmmsa | January 25, 2021

  Can you think of a coach who has made a positive impact on you and your community or gone above and beyond over the last year? We want to highlight the achievements of our amazing coaching community here in B.C. and we need your help to find the best! Nominations are open until February…

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Seasons Greetings

By rmmsa | December 23, 2020

We wish you a safe, happy and restful Holiday Season. Gifts and food are not on the restricted list, so enjoy. Lot’s of time for workouts in January. Merry Christmas everyone and remember to be kind to one another! From your RMMSA Executive Team.

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Softball BC COVID-19 Update

By rmmsa | December 3, 2020

Softball BC has just posted the following information on their web site. You can view the posting at COVID-19 UPDATE: DECEMBER 3, 2020 SPORTS AND EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES “By order of the PHO, restrictions are in place for adult and youth indoor and outdoor team sports. These temporary restrictions are in place to limit the…

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Player Travel Update

By rmmsa | November 27, 2020

We have some clarification from Softball BC, regarding player travel. Click the link below to see the full release from Softball BC: SBBC Press Release, November 27, 2020 In an email to coaches today, the new criteria was summed up by RMMSA Director, Sally Clayton as, “Individuals/Players & Coaches may travel to the community in…

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COVID-19 Update – Player Movement RE-DEFINED

By rmmsa | November 24, 2020

Below you will find the information Softball BC sent to the Softball Community today.  You will note that Softball BC as our PSO has determined that players living in Maple Ridge and / or Pitt Meadows may practice in Maple Ridge or Pitt Meadows ONLY.  You may not travel to Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Coquitlam,…

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COVID-19 Update Player Movement

By rmmsa | November 21, 2020

Good Afternoon: Below is the information received from Softball BC on November 21st, 2020, regarding INDIVIDUAL players. As explained below as long as the player is in the SAME Health region they may participate with their team. Email from Rick Benson, SBBC, November 21, 2020: “The board of directors have approved a clarification for members…

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COVID-19 Update from SBBC

By rmmsa | November 21, 2020

Email from: Rick Benson, SBBC November 21, 2020 Good Morning: Attached you will find the direction from Softball BC regarding the new PHO as of November 19th, 2020. (click here for attached document) Below is the information sent to us from Softball BC on November 20th, 2020. You will note that we have received the…

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Back to Inning 1 – Outside Only

By rmmsa | November 13, 2020

            November 13, 2020 – COVID-19 Update The RMMSA Executive held an Emergency Zoom Meeting last night to discuss the current situation with Indoor and Outside Practices/Clinics. Further to our directive earlier this week, the following was voted on and approved by the Executive. 1) The Warehouse Facility will be…

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