2020 Director – Association Operations Report

November 15, 2020

RMMSA was on track to meet our 2019 Registration Numbers and then COVID-19.

The decision was made in early April to discontinue with our House Program and return Registration Fees.  We held out hope to have some semblance of a Rep Program that quickly disappeared as the months progressed.  We did manage to have some Rep teams participate in Inning 1 (Practice / Skill Development) and some of these teams even moved into Inning 3 and Inning 4 which allowed for games first at the Regional level and then on to the Cohort Level of play.  Cohorts were limited to 100, including Players, Coaches, Umpires, and Volunteers that dealt with the sanitization and attendance tracking.  This did not allow room for Parent Spectators who had to watch the activity from the outfield.

2020 Registration Numbers                                      2019 Registration Numbers

Minors – 173                                                               Minors – 601

Seniors –     0                                                               Seniors –   85

Synergy Gold – 0                                                         Synergy Gold – 14

Total:       173                                                               Total:      700


Registration for the 2021 Season is on hold at the moment.  RMMSA is working with local Associations and Softball BC towards a 2021 Season.  Indications for the 2021 Season is that we will likely be in Cohort Levels.  RMMSA will make every effort to have full activity by House and Rep teams within their Cohorts.  This will not be what our players are accustomed to, but, the RMMSA Executive is dedicated to making it work.

On a more cheerful subject RMMSA awarded 4 Bursaries in 2020.  The successful applicants were

Nayla MacCorkindale
Hannah Simard
Gabrielle Dujmovic
Madison Ferguson

Congratulations to these young ladies!  And continued success in all your future endeavours.

Sally Clayton
Director – Association Operations, RMMSA