Director – Player & Coach Development Report

November 15, 2020

To say that 2020 has been a difficult year for our community would be an understatement. The lockdown of Spring 2020 due to Covid19 restricted RMMSA from running its Spring and Spring Break clinics that were scheduled. With the shift in the 2020 season moving into June-September it also put challenges on the clinics and not being able to run our usual Summer clinics & early bird clinics. In saying that all the executive members, athletes & parents were understanding in the adjustments that needed to be made in order to keep everyone safe and following the RTP guidelines. By not running these sessions it allowed teams and players to have the field time and work together to become a strong cohesive unit. I believe the remainder of 2020 & 2021 will continue to provide struggles in development for players and as an association I believe we need to start to think outside of the box a little bit. So far for 2020 clinics have generated over $20,720 in gross revenue to RMMSA. (See the Breakdown Below).

  • Clinics #’s
    • Clinic Schedule is complete for Fall & Winter
      • 41 Clinics Scheduled for Fall Sessions
        • 250 Spots Available
          • 176 filled (71%)
        • Net Revenue $7,326
        • Winter Clinics have been held back from release until we know what is happening with Covid policies and RTP
          • We might have to shift the fall clinics into the winter months if we cannot reschedule them for 2020.
        • Online registration was a huge success & completed one of the goals that I set when I took over this position.
          • I want to thank Mark Sherling for all his help in facilitating this successful launch
        • Reviewed website changes
          • Working on providing Mark with more information to add to the website
        • Coach Development
          • NCCP Weekend One & Weekend Two were scheduled & Weekend 1 had to be postponed due to the restriction announcement.
            • #1 Nov 14-15 Possible new dates Dec 19-20 or Jan 2-3
            • #2 Jan 9-10
            • Community Coach Program for House – TBD

Goals for 2020-2021 Season

  • Look at hopefully running Winter sessions & Spring Sessions
  • Outdoor Spring Break Camp
  • Work on standardized training for coaches & clinicians within RMMSA
    • YouTube/Facebook Coaches Channel
    • Coaching session
    • Continue with coach development sessions
  • Full review on house coaching development
    • To see why we can improve on development of younger players coming up through the program