Director – Umpires Report

November 15, 2020

2020 has been a very difficult softball season for both the players and umpires.

Prior to the virus taking over all our lives our association had 12 new umpires that took the
level 1 course and were very excited in starting their careers. The hope was for these umpires to get lots of work during the softball season. As it turned out, only 4 of these umpires got to work any games at all because of the limited number of games available to them.

Also, there were only around 12 umpires(Including 4 new ones) available to work the rep games that were available because of the concerns of the virus.

Not sure at this point how many umpires will come back after having lost a huge part of the 2020 season.

I will do my best to keep making an effort to convince umpires to return for the 2021 even though not knowing at this time what the 2021 season will bring.

It is my hope that the house season returns along with the rep season so the new umpires will get the valuable experience they need to keep our association in good working order.

Remember, without umpires, there is no game!


Bill Kazulin, UIC RMMSA
Director – Umpires, RMMSA