2020 Presidents Report

November 15, 2020

Welcome to the Ridge Meadows Minor Softball 2020 Annual General Meeting.

I would like to thank and congratulate the 2019/2020 Executive Members for their dedication and many hours of volunteer time they have donated to this Association. Many of the Executive Members put countless hours behind the scenes to adapt to the challenges daily with COVID-19. I would like to take this time to extend my appreciation to the Executive Members that had to go “above and beyond” in 2020. Kate Doucette and Sally Clayton as they worked on the refunds of the Registration Fees, first the House then the Rep. Sally Smith and her Committee who worked with Softball BC, BC Health, and viaSport to prepare our Safety Plans and Protocol so that teams could participate and Return to Play when it was safe to do so and meeting all the requirements of the MR Parks Department. Sally’s Committee involved Executive Members and Volunteer Coaches who stepped up to the challenge, Kim Brooks, Sally Clayton, Mark Sherling, Joni Eros, Gary Waterman, Katie Ross, and Kayla Schuitema. A special “Thank You” to Mark Sherling who has led RMMSA through the transition with our Website, the endless notifications that were necessary to keep our Membership updated regarding Softball and Return to Play.

Last, but, not least, I have been extremely fortunate to have Kim Brooks and Sally Clayton take on endless extra duties with meetings and decisions required to keep RMMSA active during the endless challenges experienced with COVID.

The 2019/2020 season for the Ridge Meadows Minor Softball Association received $48,500 from the Gaming Commission and this year the Budget was adjusted to cover the Warehouse Rental with these funds. With the refund of the Registration Fees RMMSA was required to use these Gaming Funds to cover the rental so we are very grateful that the Gaming Commission approved out application for another year. This has helped RMMSA to remain on track to open up for next Spring.

You will hear about the many obstacles our teams had this year from some of the next reports. I want to point out even in this very restrictive and difficult time the Warehouse continues to be our number one tool for RMMSA for increasing our player’s abilities and improving their game skills.

Unfortunately the forming of the Synergy program that has made it possible for many of our ball players to get exposure to the university coaches in order to obtain a scholarship was not possible this season.

Again, I would like to thank everyone who made their time available to assist the Association.

Dave Clayton
President, RMMSA