RMMSA had an encouraging return in 2021, we fell short by approximately 75 players to the 2019 Registrations (pre-COVID) but we are optimistic that these numbers will improve for 2022.
It was a slow start to the season with practices only until May 25th and no spectators permitted. The next step was for RMMSA to have games within our Association only until June 15th. Interlock schedules opened up effective June 15th and the season was extended to the first week of July. Shortened season, but everyone was happy to be back on the fields playing ball, even with the restrictions.

2021 Registration Numbers
Minors – 538
Seniors – 0
Synergy Gold – 0
Total: 538

2020 Registration Numbers
Minors – 173
Seniors – 0
Synergy Gold – 0
Total: 173

Plans for registration for 2022 are underway. Please watch for the notices on the Website.
Clinics will soon be up on the Website, Early Bird Clinics will start September 20th. Regular Clinics will be scheduled and posted on the Website, start date beginning in October.
There were 3 Bursaries awarded for 2021. Successful applicants were:

Makena Leyh
Jetta Hamilton
Isabella Robinson

Congratulations to these young ladies! And continued success in all your future endeavours.
We are very fortunate in RMMSA to have so many Executive Members and Parent Volunteers working hard to maintain RMMSA during these challenges. Thank you to everyone for the hours and dedication.

Sally Clayton
Director of Association Operations