2021 was a challenging season to get enough umpires to cover all the games.

Quite often the younger divisions did not have an umpire and the older House and Rep Divisions had to be covered by 1 Umpire.
I feel that COVID concerns affected our number of Umpires.

In the past we had around 36 available and very few games that we could not supply umpires. I have already been in contact with the Umpires that did no work in 2021 and it looks
like those umpires will be coming back.

This year we had an average of 22 umpires available on certain days. For 2022 we are hoping for a major push and hope to get 10 new umpires.

Our umpire actual was way below our budget and I hope we reach budget in 2022.

Bill Kazulin
RMMSA Director – Umpires