This year was a very challenging year for the association and everyone associated to it. CoVid-19 certainly forced us to adapt the delivery of our programs and how we continued to try and continue with the development of all of our players at all the different levels.

A huge thank you needs to go to Sally Smith, who continued to ensure our association stayed at the forefront of the movement to getting back on the field and seeing our players get in to competition. Sally was certainly helped my many members of the association and as a parent and member of the association I want to ensure they all realize who much we all appreciate what they did during the uncertainty.

The past year we saw the implementation of the TimBits program at our U6 and U8 age groups. Thank you to Katelyn Ross who oversaw this program and as we return to a little more normal of a program delivery we hope to see this program continue to thrive in the development of our players.

RMMSA ran a very successful U12C Regionals at Albion and as one of the first major sports gatherings in Maple Ridge after CoVid regulations were eased it went off without too many snags. I would like to personally thank the dedicated volunteers from the U12A team and the other parents who stepped up from the U16A and U14A teams who helped prepare the fields for the tournament and ensured a first class experience for the teams that travelled to play at our home park.

On the field we saw a lot of great performances from our teams as the Pride and Rage teams continued to strive for their best results. I would like to recognize the efforts of the parents and volunteers of the U12A Provincials Championships that were hosted at Albion. Specifically the contributions of Kerry McIntyre to help prepare the fields, fix the tractor for dragging the fields and washing down the common area between the fields, amongst everything else he did that helped get the park to a level befitting of the Provincials. I would also like to thank one more group, Kara Brandner, Kinley Brandner, Darren Brander and Joel Ross who took a waterlogged Field #2 and turned it into and absolute gem of a field. Without them the tournament would have been stalled and the efforts of both adults but specifically the two young girls was exemplary of the efforts that our volunteers put in every day for this association.

I would like to congratulate our 2021 U12A Provincial Champions, for anyone who had the pleasure of watching that team win gold at home they were treated to great ball played by a team that played together and for each other.

Lastly congratulations to each of our players that made an RMMSA team for the upcoming season and we look forward to seeing the rest of our girls for the spring season.

Looking forward our executive is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for the development of our players. The executive is currently discussing initiatives that I believe will bring our association closer together and create a larger sense of Pride in the RMMSA.

Gary Waterman
RMMSA Vice President