Communications/Media Manager (CM Manager)

The goal for this position is to:

  • Grow our presence in the community
  • Promote information sharing for our members
  • Enhance communications to members
  • Publicize RMMSA events and activities
  • Celebrate teams and individuals

Position Description

The position requires some knowledge of desktop publishing to manage video and pictures. It would also require a good understanding of posting to social media. Preparing and posting content frequently is required. The CM Manager will work closely with the IT Manager and will report to the Director – Association Operations.

The position includes duties like:

  • Contact and work with local media to provide information for articles
  • Make regular posts to RMMSA social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tok-tok
  • Post news posts on our web site
  • Create and send email notices to our players, promoting RMMSA events
  • Generally manage media and public communications for our association