Rep Registration Information

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How to Register

  • ​Online Registration via our web site only.

Payment Options

​Payment options for online registration;

  1. ​Register online and pay online using credit card or debit card.

All Registrations are subject to a 3.25% + $1.50 per transaction

RMMSA Registration Rates and Division Descriptions

*Registration Divisions and Rates Revised Sept. 29, 2023

Division Description Birth Years Rate Field  Fee Rep  Fee Total Fees
U11A U11A MS  (Mite Select - Rep) 2013/2014 $230 $15 $180 $425
U13A U13A  (Squirt - Rep) 2011/2012 $235 $15 $225 $475
U13B U13B  (Squirt - Rep) 2011/2012 $235 $15 $225 $475
U15A U15A  (Peewee - Rep) 2009/2010 $250 $15 $230 $495
U15B U15B  (Peewee - Rep) 2009/2010 $250 $15 $230 $495
U17A U17A/B  (Bantam - Rep) 2007/2008 $255 $15 $230 $500
U17B U17A/B  (Bantam - Rep) 2007/2008 $255 $15 $230 $500
U19A U19A/B  (Midget - Rep) 2005/2006 $255 $15 $230 $500
U19B U19A/B  (Midget - Rep) 2005/2006 $255 $15 $230 $500


The following additional fees are charged on top of the basic registration fee for all players;

  • Softball BC ONE TIME Fee - All players require a Softball BC (SBC) lifetime membership to play. There is a one time fee of $10 per player. If you played previously, you will have already paid this fee. If not, you should check the New Softball BC Number Checkbox on the Registration form.
  • All Registrations are subject to a 3.25% + $1.50 per transaction

Multi Child Discounts

There is a $5 family discount for each family member registered when 2 or more are registered at the same time. This discount will be automatically applied when you register online.

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    Rep A Coaches

    Pride 2013 U11 A Amy Anzinger
    Pride 2012 U11 A Geoff Hewitt Hartley
    Pride 2011 U13 A Kirsten Fewtrel
    Pride 2009 U15 A Katie Ross
    Pride 2008 U15 A Derek Birch
    Pride 2006/2007 U17 A Dani Gerber
    Pride 2004/2005 U19 A Paul Nivins

    Rep B Coaches

    Pride 2011 U13 B Accepting Applications
    Pride 2010 U13 B Lesley McPherson
    Pride 2010 U13 B Trish Firth
    Pride 2009 U15 B Nathan Walton
    Pride 2008/2009 U15 B TBD
    Pride 2007 U17 B Ryan Steele
    Pride 2006 U17 B John Kelly
    Rage 2005 U19 B Grant Belsey
    Rage 2004/2005 U19 B Keith Service

    Ridge Meadows Minor Softball Association acknowledges the Katzie First Nation and Kwantlen First Nation on whose traditional territories, our activities take place.