Hello Everyone,

 I just wanted to follow up with everyone now that all of our teams are in place and practices are in full swing.  There have been many questions regarding protocols and what practices should look like especially from our C teams and coaches.  We really appreciate each and everyone of our members and our primary job as an executive is to keep everyone safe so we can move to inning 2 as soon as possible. We understand that everyone does not have the same views when it comes to Covid however as an executive we are responsible for the welfare of over 500 athletes as well as coaches and managers.  Therefore it is imperative that all Covid protocols are being followed at practices.

 Softball BC sent out some new information regarding scrimmages and players traveling to attend practices. That information will be attached with this email. RMMSA has zero tolerance for rules not being followed.  We have to put the children first and as an executive we have made the decision of what our protocols are.  As an association we have the autonomy to have our own rules in place.  Via sport and Softball BC protocols are the minimum and we have to right add to that if we choose to do so.  Our protocols were written in consultation with VIa Sport, Softball BC and the Cities of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows and they all had to approve this before we were able to begin any softball activity.

 I want to clarify that masks are mandatory when social distancing of less than 3 meters is not possible  for anyone over the age of 12 even when outdoors.  It is also HIGHLY recommended that all other players wear a mask when social distancing of less than 3 meters is not possible.  RMMSA executive members met last Sunday and discussed these protocols and this will not be changed until the province starts to open up. Protocols are to begin once the athlete has arrived at the park.

 You can find the entire return to play guidelines on the RMMSA website.  Just click “COVID-19 – Return To Play” on the main page https://www.rmmsa.com/

 Thank you for your understanding and hopefully we will be back to a normal world soon. I also want to thank our volunteer executive for all of the time that they have put in. We are all going above and beyond.



 Kim Brooks

President RMMSA