Softball BC has just posted the following information on their web site. You can view the posting at


“By order of the PHO, restrictions are in place for adult and youth indoor and outdoor team sports. These temporary restrictions are in place to limit the amount of physical interactions and travel to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.”

*All adult activity is suspended until further notice, this includes any softball events or activities such as training sessions, team practices, games and competition. This applies to all athletes 19 years of age and older.

*Youth softball activity may continue, but teams are restricted to Inning One protocols, practice, clinics, training sessions only and within your community only. No games or scrimmages.

*Physical distancing of THREE (3) metres is required at all times during the activity, for both indoor and outdoor activities ** Note the minimum distance is now 3 metres not 2 metres.

*No spectators at any indoor activities

*Masks are mandatory during all indoor softball activities. The exception is the mask may be removed while engaged in a physical activity, but must be worn at all other times while in the facility.

*Youth teams may take part in softball activities in their home club community, and players registered with a team, but who live outside the community may travel to take part in the activities as long as the individual can return home immediately following the scheduled activity.

*No drop-in events, pre- registration only for skill development or training.

*This is all now posted as an order from the PHO: