Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday. As we get the New Year started and get ready to open up the warehouse to team practices and clinics I just wanted to reach out and let you know what this year may look like. Again, like the fall, there will be changes as we get more information from the government and Via Sport.

We are hoping that registration will be done by the end of January. Look for information to come out soon with details. The warehouse will be open for Practice starting January 4th. Over the holidays a group of very dedicated volunteers put together a back to play protocol for the warehouse. We have also hired a professional cleaning company to come in and make sure the facility is being sanitized.

There are strict protocols in place and all of the rep coaches have been given the details via email from our rep manager. There is a mandatory checklist that will be completed at the end of each practice by coaches. Keeping the warehouse clean and following protocols will allow for us to keep the warehouse available for everyone to use. If these protocols are not being followed teams will not be able to access the warehouse. The safety of our players and coaches is our number one priority. Please make sure you have completed your Health Checks prior to attending practices. All teams are required to have this on TeamSnap which is now provided by RMMSA at no extra costs to your teams. Also please make sure that everyone has their mask. Masks are Mandatory.

As for the upcoming season, we are still unsure of what it will look like at this time. At best guess our teams both house and rep will be playing in cohorts like the fall. We will keep you posted as we get any new information. Unfortunately we are still in a situation that is unknown for the future. Thank you everyone for your patience and let’s hope things change for the better in the next two months so we can play ball.

Again, I would like to thank all of our Volunteers who have spent countless hours working on all the Covid protocols.

Kim Brooks
President RMMSA