Registration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the age groups and when do they play?

A: Game start time depends on the division.  Plus, coaches ask that players be there early for warm up (could be up to an hour before, for the older kids)

For the 2023/2024 Season:

Division Description Birth Years Nights
U07C U07C – (T-ball) 2017/2018/2019 Tu/Th
U09C U09C–(Mini-Mite) 2015/2016 M/W
U11C U11C – (Mite) 2013/2014 Tu/Th
U13C U13C – (Squirt) 2011/2012 M/W
U15C U15C – (Peewee) 2009/2010 Tu/Th
U17C U17C – (Bantam) 2007/2008 M/W
U20C U20C – (Midget) 2004 Tu/Th


Game start times:

U7/U9 – 6pm

U11/U13 – 6:30pm

U15 – mostly 6:30, but some might be 7:30

U17/U20 – 7:30pm, unless at PMAP, then 6:30pm

For the older divisions, coaches usually schedule another practice during the week.   Day/time is up to each coach.

Q: Are uniforms provided for the Season?

A: Shirts and caps (for T-Ball & Mini Mites) are provided by RMMSA.  Pants are provided for Squirt (U12) division and older.

Parents are responsible for the following:

  • Glove – mandatory (recommend purchasing a proper glove not oversized adult or plastic)
  • Cleats – while not mandatory this is recommended. Metal spikes/cleats are not permitted.
  • Helmets - RMMSA will no longer be supplying helmets. Used helmets are sometimes available for free in a marked box at the RMMSA Warehouse
  • Sliders - (special shorts to protect during sliding) for Squirt division and older

Q: Where are the games played?

A: Fields will be assigned prior to schedules being distributed.  Most, if not all, games are around Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows for House players. Examples are: Albion Sports Complex, Davy Jones, Maple Ridge Elementary, Pitt Meadows Athletic Park, Cliff Park etc…

​​Older House teams will be required to play games across the lower mainland also.

​See the following link to fields we use within Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge Field Locations

Q: Can my son or daughter play on a specific team?

A: The association attempts to honor specific requests of parents. You can request your child to play with a friend, however friend requests must match. You will be given an opportunity to request and friend when you register online. Twins play on the same team unless notified by the parent. A home stay student is considered a sibling.

Q: When will I be assigned to a Team?

We start to make the teams up in mid February, and usually meet with the coaches at the beginning of March.  That is when they get their team list.  Players will be contacted by their coaches after that.

Q: What happens on Opening Day?

A: Team and individual pictures are taken and games are played. There are no make-up picture days. The opening ceremony is a great way to involve players and families in the spirit of softball. Usually held at Albion Athletic Park, picture and game schedules will be provided the last full week of March or earlier that month if possible.

Q: What is Skills Day?

A: One weekend is spent with the kids giving them extra tools and teaching all the aspects of the game.  This Day is usually taught by one of our senior A level teams who will come out and be a mentor to the kids.  A snack is provided.

Q: RMMSA Clinic Registration

In order to take advantage of the many clinics that RMMSA offers the player must be registered with the league (for insurance purposes), before registering for a clinic. Here's the link to the clinics page .

Q: Uniform Deposits

Uniforms are supplied by RMMSA and a uniform deposit will be required prior to the uniform being issued. The following deposits will be required;

  • T-Ball to Mini-Mite: No uniform deposit
  • Mite to Junior: $75.00

Q: Where to get Registration Receipts

You will receive a printable receipt at the end of the on-line payment process. Just Login to TeamSnap and check your account to see your registrations.

Q: Can I coach?

A: Absolutely. You can apply online using the link below.  You are required to complete a Criminal Background check, a league requirement to ensure the safety of our players.  We recommend getting this done early. New rules require finger printing should your birthday land on the same day as a pardoned offender, and this check will take approximately 1 month.  A Criminal Record Check must be done every three years and can be requested here,  A Screening Disclosure form must be signed on the in-between years (Years 2 and 3) and can be accessed here, SmartWaiver. We ask coaches to have background checks completed and into the association as soon as your application is approved.  All coaching staff must have an approved record check on file before being allowed in the field of play.

Click here to access the House Coaching Registration 2024

Q: How are coaches selected?

A: We are extremely proud of the excellent volunteers who give freely of their time to coach softball. However, your registration does not guarantee a committed coach. Coaches are always parent volunteers, some of which are either coaching for the first time or have never played the game. Some have years of experience either in coaching or playing ball at various levels. We do our best to find good coaches from the parent community within our registration.

They are parent volunteers who “step up to the plate” and are supported in both development and coaching philosophies by the association.

Q: What can we expect from our coach?

A: Coaches are volunteers with the same or as much going on in their lives as we all do. Be kind, patient and supportive. Once assigned, Coaches will be your primary communications channel, along with the RMMSA Website They will relay all information regarding schedules, key events, equipment hand-outs (Caps/Shirts), and key messages the league wants to provide parents from time to time. Coaches will also be responsible for making the call on rainouts. Note that at this level, there are no provisions or assigned days to make up games for rain outs.

Expect coaches to encourage parent participation, and when asked, please do lend a hand. The Association will provide coaches with the tools they need to help you and your player have an enjoyable season. These tools include appropriate coach development and other assistance where required or requested.

Q: Who can I contact if there’s an issue, complaint, or positive acknowledgement?

A: Your association provides a player liaison for all issues or complaints related to the season. If for any reason, you’d like to provide input or are looking for guidance beyond what the coaches can provide, please do send the liaison a message. If need be, he/she will follow-up with a phone call. Please note our discussion and your information will be kept in confidence, only shared with other RMMSA Executives as required for resolution. Your positive acknowledgements are welcomed as we like to have referenced feedback to thank our coaches with.

Q: Can I get a Registration Refund

If required, registration fees can be refunded. Please use the Contact The Registrar form on the Registration page to request a refund.

Contact The Registrar

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